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compare payday loansThe trouble with the internet these days is that no matter what you search for, there are hundreds of websites offering you the same thing, so it can become a nightmare when choosing the best site to meet your needs.

We understand the importance of keeping things nice and simple, and when it comes to applying for a payday loan our customers know exactly what they’re getting.

Our team have worked hard and put together a site that gives you a transparent list of what we believe to be the best payday loan lenders and no fee credit brokers available in the UK market today.

Just so you know!..

Applying with a credit broker could give you a better chance of getting a loan. You would only need to fill out one application, then the broker would get an instant decision from all the best lenders on the internet, finding the best deal for you.

All the credit brokers listed on our site WILL NOT CHARGE YOU a broker fee!

Over time we have built up good working relationships with all the lenders and brokers listed on our website, so you can be sure that we have carried out all the relevant checks to ensure you receive the best possible service.

Direct Payday Lender

No Fee Credit Broker

You know exactly who you are applying to.
You’re only making one application.
You get an instant decision.
Funds usually transferred within 1 hour.
No Broker Fee’s – 100% Guaranteed!
Getting accepted for a loan will be much higher.
You only have to fill in 1 application.
Search over 30 different lenders to find you a loan.
Money normally transferred within 1 hour.